Sunday, March 07, 2021

Lions, Lionesses and Leos all over the United States support LPCCI by contributing financially, participating in fundraising activities, volunteering as puppy raisers and leaving a legacy that allows Canine Companions to provide more exceptional dogs for exceptional people®.

• Join the LPCCI family of member clubs who make annual pledges to LPCCI.
• Honor members of your club, friends and family with different LPCCI awards.
• Support an LPCCI sponsorship. • Hold a fundraiser to benefit LPCCI. • Share LPCCI with another Lions Club in
your area.
•Have an LPCCI speaker at a club meeting. • Become a puppy raiser by providing a safe
home, attending puppy obedience classes, providing socialization opportunities and giving lots of love.
• Volunteer at LPCCI or Canine Companions events.
• Join the LPCCI Legacy Society for Canine Companions for Independence.
• Remember LPCCI in your estate planning through bequests and other planned gifts.

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