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It's your generous donation that allows us to offer expertly-trained assistance dogs at absolutely no charge. We couldn’t do it without you —
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Non Specific enter any amount you wish to donate option: We appreciate any and all donations.
If you wish to make a donation without any specific award or commitment please use this option.
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The Lions Project for Canine Companions for Independence Donation Opportunities

This award is a great way to say thank you to an individual who has performed outstanding service.
$ 125.00
This is a Club commitment to a suggested annual donation based on the number of Club members.
Show a veteran in your life the appreciation they deserve with this stunning American flag plaque by making a charitable bronze, silver, gold or platinum donation in their honor.
Individuals truly become “life” members as the $300 donation goes into a restricted fund and is kept there for the life of LPCCI
A modern bamboo plaque commemorates your club’s or an individual’s commitment to helping others.
A Family Life Membership is obtained by any two immediate members of a family or by a club (in honor/memory of a persons)
Underwrites the cost of preparation, including vaccinations for one Canine Companions puppy and travel expenses to its new home with a volunteer puppy raiser family
A LPCCI Fellowship may be obtained byany person or by a club
Helps offset the ongoing expenses of identifying, evaluating and obtaining new breeding stock
Provides food and maintenance for one kennel of two dogs for the period of Professional Training.
Covers the direct expenses associated with one graduation ceremony
Helps offset the cost of temperament testing and full health examinations in preparation for professional training
Sponsors the Professional Training of one dog, including daily instruction, testing, field trips and supplies.
Offsets the cost associated with the ongoing follow-up support for one region’s graduate teams
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